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I have 3 weeks, 3 days until my annual epic summer birthday beach vacation in Avon, N.C.

Last year was evacuated and cut short due to Hurricane Earl. Happy 30th! Now go home.

Dear Universe, I am working hard. I am feeding the people. You owe me. I demand sub-90 temperatures immediately, and a tropical-system-free 31st birthday later. (I don’t ask much.)

I’ll figure all that bill shit out later. Let’s do this.


Er… yeah. I mean… I grew up here, and I’ve lived through some shit. And I’ve been to some corners of the earth. And I’ve driven through the Mojave Desert and Death Valley and Arizona in August (and vacationed in Las Vegas in August) but…

Dude…. it’s hot. Did I mention the farmhouse doesn’t have A/C? It’s hard to breathe. Send more popsicles.

Even the full-blast A/C at Magnolia’s didn’t feel colder than warm-room temperature. Oof.

(But yes, I’d still take it over LA’s June Gloom. Thanks for asking.)

Desperately missing my LA crews over the last few weeks. Where do these stupid waves of emotion come from? The grass-is-always-greener aspect to my life has always frustrated me. I just want all the love & awesome in one place. And to catch a show at Hotel Cafe after a wine tasting at SLW, then swing by Shane’s place on Yucca for some cheap beer while we berate each other over musical nonsense and figure out who will bring us thai food.

But I still wouldn’t drive to Long Beach. Shit is far.

Taps at the Green Dragon

Taps of the back bar at the Green Dragon Brewery

I attempted to write this travel-journal style, but no one wants to read my 80-page dissertation on What I Did on my Fall Vacation, so let’s pin it down to the important bits, shall we?


Jam on Hawthorne
We ate brunch here three times, it was that good. Didn’t hurt that it was on the corner of our street.

Bread and Ink Café
They serve FIGS in their fruit salad side orders. FIGS.

Billy Wilson makes gives good coffee. It’s not just the internet making up stories.

For Paws
Best pet supply store on the planet. Even if I’m slightly biased because Alessandra rules

The Maiden
If you live anywhere near this Spanish tapas-style restaurant, you should not be reading this, you should be on your way over there. This place was phenomenal. The food was badass. A jazz trio played throughout our dinner, including Puttin’ On the Ritz on clarinet. The wines were fantastic. The décor was gorgeous. I kind of want to live there, tucked behind the bar.

The Bye and Bye (no website)
I love this bar so much I let them keep my debit card for a few days after I went back to LA. (whoops). Big, spacious, AND they had my favorite Genesis beer in stock.

Deschutes Brewery
Black Butte porter is amazing, to begin with, and the physical pub is a great place to catch a game in the sport of your choice.

Rogue Brewery
We didn’t actually go to the physical brewery, which is right up the block from Deschutes, but they win mention for the killer Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar of theirs I had at the Tin Shed. Oh my GOD.

Random Metal House Party/Basement show in Northeast
Thanks to er, Kevin? Your house is very tall. I don’t think I’ve seen a band in someone’s basement since I was 15 or so. Interested to see what solid bands come out of PDX in the next few years…

Powell’s Books
Of course.
But I don’t really recommend going in there wanting a particular book (unless it’s rare) nor do I recommend going in there without any purpose whatsoever. Maybe pick a genre you’re interested in and start from there. I regret not checking out their coffee bar. I bet it’s legendary in itself.

The Green Dragon
Unfortunately, we got to this place third on our Friday night brewery marathon. Even in that beery haze it was still pretty darn fantastic. I recommend sitting at the back bar and just working your way through the taps—lots of rarities and local brews, as well as great seasonal selections. All in a great open space with a kind of back-alley, secretive feel.

Recommended things to make Portland, uh, easier. Yeah that’s what I’ll call this.
We booked half a duplex for the week through this site. It was perfect. Like having your own home in the city. Especially useful if you’re traveling with multiple people and don’t want to book a handful of separate hotel rooms for way too much money. Just….do this. Way easier. Laurie Sonnenfeld, our “landlady”, was great!

Radio Cab
Use no other cab in Portland. These guys rule. One guy talked to us about doughnuts the whole way home (in a good way), another time, our local friend randomly knew the cabbie …they’re just good.

There’s a holiday ale fest in downtown Portland the first week of December… I may have to get back to P-Town sooner rather than later, indeed.