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Gang Starr is floating around in the background everywhere in my life this week. Radio, coming out of other cars, reposted in my twitter feed, in random dreams. Really odd…really rad? You know my steez.


Continuing to pull myself to pieces reading MCA tributes.

After such a numb winter, this week….man. I’m not sure what to make of it.

I have a hard time sitting through an entire Siouxsie album at this point, but would still like to enlist her as my crazy aunt-once-removed.

I’m usually OK with, if not a fan, of well-done covers. But any cover of this just leaves me feeling ripped off.

Ah yes, the things I think about driving home in the dark.

So Adele is definitely beyond overplayed at the moment (which is sad/good for her?) but I am still digging this track:

…BUT…the math hurts my head.

She’s 23. Probably 19-21 when she wrote this song. Lyric: “She…is half your age.” Er… so either your ex is dating a, say, 15 year-old or younger, or, you, Adele, were dating a 40+ year old (if we’re going for legal adultness), which would also make you, ma’am, half his age.

Then again, I was never good at this whole artistic license/suspension of disbelief/old-ass sugar daddy thing. Rumor has it.

My ‘Friday’ night + copious red wine + warm, clear, windy weather + BRMC = trouble.

…driving down Fountain Ave just after a fall sunset, windows down, headed east to The Echo or the Good Luck, smelling wildfire smog, lavender and sage, and skunk. (not that skunk. Real skunk. The animal. Hollywood is full of them.) Mental audio photograph.

It’s Placebo season

…more often than not.

If only Brian Warner had just stayed Brian Warner.

Stuck in my head lately.

I miss music. Good thing I have this new beer job to keep me company.

I will return! For now… 65 hour retail weeks. Ooof. (oh right, I need to update that Aboot page.)

In the meantime there’s new Skinny Puppy, new Florence + The Machine (holy crap If Only For a Night!), and poking around the new Ulver album/EP that came out in May that I somehow missed (and thus revisiting the weirdness of Blood Inside. 2005?! Seriously? Man…I am getting old fast. Somebody stop this crazy train.)

It’s also late fall/winter which means lots…and lots…of Bauhaus. She’s in Parties shuffled on in the car on the way home from work tonight and between the weekday night and the rain and the fall weather, I missed Dharma coffeehouse circa ’94 something FIERCE. Damn. Had a strong and sudden urge to drive to old town Fairfax and do 2 hours of Western Civ homework while smoking 555s. I miss you, Dharma.

Back again! Let’s get to it.

Boris – Just Abandoned Myself
This album is a good dose of everything + mid 90s punk circa ’05. Or something.

Amerie – 1 Thing
I warned you about the suddenly-having-access-to-everything-ever-bought-via-iTunes thing. (What happened to this chick?) (I forgot about the pantsless era of the 00s)

Warren G – Regulate
I seriously heard this on the radio last week. Just the first few notes makes me smirk.

Spank Rock – Rick Rubin
This album took me a while to warm up to but man I still love it.

Santi(o)gold – You’ll Find a Way (Switch & Sinden Remix)
Reminds me of Luisa and Laura screaming in the car in LA. Brings the LOLz.

Alias & Tarsier – Sleepy

Oh man! Blast from the past. This show was awesome.

“I live on the right side and sleep on the left, that’s why everything’s gotta be Love or Death.”

(driving wet, back country roads home with lightning and thunder in the distance, to this track = pretty fantastic)

(I do sleep on the left.)

Wyclef Jean – Gone ’til November
See you must understand, I can’t work a 9 to 5…so I’ll be gone…til November.

…which of course leads to…
Fugees – Ready or Not
There’s a great video for this but…uh…screw Vevo. Anywhere you go, my whole crew gonna know.

Pascow – Alles Muss Kaputt Sein
This is here purely to underscore why you shouldn’t iTunes while drunk. “What is…why do I own this?”

INXS – What You Need

Because I took three beers to the face rapidly after a long, long day of heavy manual labor and it’s moving me. Literally.

Big Country – Big Country

What plays in my head riding in the back of the F-150 lately while we drive out to the fields in the morning with all the leaves changing. (There’s a great video for this that was on MTV all the time, but I can’t find it. Boo.)

Project Pitchfork – Song of the Winds
I sometimes chant this under my breath when I’m tired of weeding and desperately want it to rain so I can go home. Truth.

The Cure – A Forest (Jumping Someone Else’s Train) (Plainsong) (The Walk)
I’ve been inexplicably spending time with Mixed Up…which led back to originals…which…etc

Wolves Like Us – Secret Handshake
This band is still everything right about 90s alternative. And Norway. And unfortunately not on youtube.

The National – Anyone’s Ghost

Saul Williams – List of Demands
Can’t get away from Saul. If you ain’t dead then sing along.

Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust
This is only on here because I saw some recent band was covering it and was all weirded out, “that song came out less than 10 years ago…jerkwads.” Oh…’92 you say? Oh. Yeah. Hmm. 20 years eh?

Which then lead to the movie Singles, which lead to..
Soundgarden – Face Pollution
There is nothing like plowing through traffic to this track.

I couldn’t let ALL of September go by without a Six. Whew!

White Lies

It’s officially Fall, which means if you don’t like heavy music, you may want to ignore my blog until May or June. Now, that we have that out of the way…

Wolves Like Us – Deathless
Something is….off about this album. Which, I’m sure, is why I like it. This is what you get when Norwegians who like The Afghan Whigs write metal…or something. The “Shiver in the Heat” track off this album has an almost-Pegboy feel. Crazy.

Florence & the Machine – Shake it Out
Blows Arcade Fire’s own sound out of their own water. Florence owns you.

White Lies – A Place to Hide

Also check out the KCRW in-studio of this… it still amazes me that he just…SOUNDS like that when he opens his mouth. They’re like…12. Ok, 19. Ok, 21.

Mastodon – The Ruiner
They’re not 12. And I’m sure a lot of longtime fans hate the new album. That’s unfortunate, and they should give me their tickets to the 11/27 show. Cheers! Alright!

Spank Rock – Energy
Spank Rock is totally ridiculous. But I hope the crazy train keeps going. Runner up: Nasty. You nasty.

The Head & The Heart – Down in the Valley
Just to keep you on your toes. This has been the farmstand soundtrack this week…I dig the time signature changes. (Hat tip: M. Watts. Have mercy on our rough and rowdy ways, indeed.)

Man. Serious work ish after normal work hours this week. But I will not be deterred. Forsooth! The Six was written by last Sunday! But alas, it’s been sitting handwritten on my table.

I admit that you certainly need to be in a mood for most of this week’s six. I’ve been in that mood it seems. We’re taking a hard left here.

Hey, That Guy's Not Chinese?
The Association – Along Comes Mary
I grew up listening to The Association in a passive way thanks to my father, but I had no idea how effing weird they were until I saw this “live” version of Along Comes Mary. The song is strangely syncopated and unique for the era. Groovy, man.

The Buckinghams – Kind of a Drag
One of those weird-ass multiple-hit producer wonders the 60s produced. They were asked to change their name to something “more British” due to Beatles Mania…hence, The Buckinghams. You know, a bunch of dudes from Chicago. Not awkward. This song is the strangest collision of 50s doo-wop and 60s mod/slang that it totally fascinates me for some reason.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Running Down a Dream

This has been popping up on the radio a lot when we’re tooling around in the trucks at work. Tom Petty has really grown on me in the last 10 years.

Simon & Garfunkel / The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter
I love this song. I may like the Bangles cover better. I think it’s my #1 karaoke choice. (whoa, that chick from The Lost Boys was in Less Than Zero? Huh.)

Snap – The Power (of Bhangra)
I went to look up this song for reasons that are surely strange (but I don’t remember at this point) and found a bhangra remix. Oh Snap, so ahead of your time. (Holy SHIT the flat top! Wow.)

Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime
I somehow went from my 60s wormhole to Porgy & Bess. I have no idea where that leap happened but…love this track. The progression of 30s weird-ass opera to jazz mainstay to Sublime bastardizing the melody/lyrics kind of boggles my mind.

“If 6 were 9, I’d lose my mind. Yeah I’d go crazy for ya all the time.” Oh, Chemlab. You DC kids, you. (Cheers to Jared, who’s looking a lot saner and healthier than many of his compatriots these days. Still batshit crazy though.)

I DIGRESS! Chemlab is not on the six!

Geoff Tate (Queensryche) – Chasing Blue Sky
Man, I’m confused. I have this song because it’s on a Geoff Tate solo album that I bought a few years ago in LA. Now the internet is trying to tell me it’s only on a Queensryche greatest hits album. …Internet cover-up conspiracy?! They’re playing the 930 tonight. Once again, I am missing it, as I have for 20 years. CURSES.

Placebo – Infra Red (Live from Nimes)
I really prefer this version. It sounds heavier and thicker than the album version.

NIN – Perfect Drug
I don’t remember particularly liking this when it came out, but it marks a particularly vivid part of my life, and has grown on me substantially in passing years. (Wow, this video is somehow very Harry Potter before there was Harry Potter. Huh, and I guess Trent finally got the asian girl he always wanted. Interesting.)

Killing Joke – European Super State
It just makes me laugh. Have a beer with me and The Outre Girl some night, and we’ll explain.

Wolfsheim – Kissing the Wall
This track makes me think of driving to Christmas dinner in the snow (?) and driving aimlessly around the VA Tech campus on winter nights looking for parking. Ha. OK I guess that doesn’t sound so great… but I it’s the “cold” memory associations that has me listening lately. Seeing these guys in the rain at night, standing on a hilltop in Germany…still one of my top 5 shows ever. I could listen to Peter Heppner sing the phonebook. I can’t describe it.

Peter sings me the phonebook. Part I.

The Folk Implosion – Natural One
I know nothing, zero about this band. I just like this track. Always have.

I hopped in one of the farm trucks the other day with a co-worker, and we took off for the far fields, bumping along the road by the compost and broken-down trucks while the beginning of Tool’s Schism played on the radio. After about 30 seconds of it, she grabbed for the dial saying, “well…that’s depressing.”

I mean, I get that. Sure, it sounds like dark, dirgey music. I can see how someone would prefer to always listen to upbeat, faster tempo music. It “sounds happier.” But I’ve never seen it that way.

As a kid learning piano, I was fascinated the first time I was introduced to a minuet in a minor key. To six year old me, yes–it sounded scary, but in this amazing, beautiful, powerful way. It wasn’t scary-movie music, it just sounded intense and real, instead of frivolous and springy. I’ve always felt that way. Heavy, booming basslines, minor keys, huge drums with tons of reverb…it doesn’t sound depressing, it sounds like energy. Like passion and drama and excitement. Sure, I love the Lightning Seeds – Pure, but Project Pitchfork – Conjure gives me goosebumps to this day.

Today my head subjected me to “Tarragon City” and “Dirty Beets”. I swear to god, I don’t think about these things…they just pop into my head. I’m as baffled as you.

“Take me down to the tarragon city
Where the herbs are fresh
And the leaves are pree-tay”

“Dirty Beets!
Don’t. come. cheap.
Dirty Beets.
Don’t. come. cheap.
Dirty Beets!
Don’t. come. cheap.
Dirty beets and they don’t come cheap.
Diiirrrtay beets and they don’t come cheap.”

Feel free to complete the rest of the lyrics. I didn’t get that far.

Man these take me forever. Need to get the Spotify crankin’.
As you may have read, I’ve been revisiting a lot of “comfortable” music for playlists for the farmstand. The whole task is kind of cracking me up.

Appleseed Cast – Ceremony
This band and This Will Destroy You meld together in my head into one big discography of epic awesomeness. I’m PISSED I’ve still never seen either live, despite both having played the El Rey while I lived walking distance from it. BAH!

Black Flag – TV Party

It still makes me laugh that there’s a video for this track. Officially approved by me as music to sell vegetables to. I may have also on occasion left the mix that this is on on at the end of my shift to “musicbomb” the next worker. I can neither confirm nor deny.

Oasis – Morning Glory

This track pops in my head often as I weed. I do not remember that being the video… weird. Maybe there were two versions? PS: Man I have a weird love/hate relationship with Oasis. Stupid top 40 radio.

Team Sleep – Blvd Nights

The first time I listened to this album in entirety, I was driving through Agoura Hills, CA at sunset on the way to a party. Seriously epic.

Portishead – Glory Box

“Dummy” has been on my ‘stand playlist. Kind of an interesting back drop. Weird fact: someone wrote me a long love letter once while listening to this album, quoting this track. Kind of strange to think about now. Back when men remembered how to use pens and stamps. 😉

Adele – Best For Last
A recently heartbroken friend got me thinking about this track, and some seriously brutal nights it got me through. So good.

Somewhat related to Farm Wisdom, there’s Field Songs.

Even though there’s usually 3-4 of us in a field doing whatever at any given moment, fields are large, after all, and there’s usually long stretches of silent solitude. I usually spend this time cursing whatever I’m harvesting, thinking about sleep and/or lemonade, or willing hellfire to rain from the skies and destroy all gnats, but when I’m not doing one of those three things, I’m replacing the lyrics to well-known songs in my head with more farm-centric lyrics.

Two recent favorites:
“SquashPants Buttrot”
Squash gets this thing we call butt rot–it’s when the end of the squash where the squash blossom was starts to prematurely rot and take out half the squash. Hence, butt rot. Also, when harvesting squash, the blossom end 85% of the time is somewhat gooey, requiring you to clean up the squash. Usually all you have to do this…is your pants. Hence, squash pants. Just add someone talking about SpongeBob earlier, and my head gives you: “Who lives in a bush that’s bigger than meeeeee SQUASHPANTS BUTTROT! Long and cylindrical, gooey is he SQUASHPANTS BUTTROT!” etc.

Bean Beetle Paradise
Green/string beans grow on small bushy plants that are LOVED by these electric yellow fuzzy bugs called Mexican Bean Beetles. As I was harvesting beans today, one of the plants was effing COVERED in them, which prompted without warning from my conscious mind: “been living most our lives livin’ in a bean beetle paradise. No beans for you next Fri, livin’ in a bean beeeee-tle paradise”

Also, somewhat related, it’s incredibly odd to be walking around the Purcellville Giant when the Ghostbusters theme comes on over the muzak system and literally no one reacts. Did someone accidentally dial in the Halloween station? So weird. “You’re shopping for beer eh? BUSTIN’ MAKES ME FEEL GOOOOOD!”

So weird.


This Will Destroy You – Grandfather Clock

This is another track that I go through yearly cycles with. Reminds me of odd rainy days during LA winters.

Estelle – Magnificent
Love Estelle. This is a summer driving song.

Rocky Votolato – The Night’s Disguise
My eyes uncontrollably leak when he plays this, and Makers, live. And I am not that girl. Another driving-home-from-the-Troubadour-howling-at-the-top-of-my-lungs track.

Bad Brains – Hired Gun
A friend recently mentioned that i against i was his favorite album. I agree.

Apparat and Ellen Allien – Leave Me Alone
“Too many messages…. on my phone…. leave me alone.”

Death Cab for Cutie – Title and Registration
Well, I have a hard time listening to Rocky without thinking of this track/album.

Bonus: Necro Facility – Waiting For the Snow
Because I am. Oh… I am. This isn’t on youtube? This… baffles me.

I’ve been a little nostalgic lately. What of it?

Spahn Ranch – Locusts (THERE’S A VIDEO FOR LOCUSTS?! Er…. skip that. Yikes.) / Vortex (AGGGH PAPYRUS FONT!)
Nostalgia. Can we all go out to a club night soon please? *destroys a dark corner of the dance floor*

Black Angels – Black Grease
Love this track. Wish the band didn’t create such a hippie drum circle cluster-f live. Bleargh.

Skinny Puppy – Morter
The opening sample from this track popped into my head earlier this week. And obviously, the discussion of Necro Facility over the past month has caused a lot of Skinny Puppy/ OMGNOTSKINNYPUPPYDIEINAFIRE discussion to surface. *shrug* Good memories tied to this album.

Machines of Loving Grace – Golgotha Tenement Blues
DAMN, I miss Machines of Loving Grace. The internet did not get awesome enough fast enough to save them from oblivion. A sadder wikipedia has never been had. (ok not really) Arizona? Really?

Helmet – Milktoast

I may be listening to The Crow soundtrack. WHATOFIT. The release of The Crow colors my early adolescence (and the year I met many of you) heavily. This is where you are now either a) appalled at my youth b) appalled at my grotesque age. (Is no one else ever the same age as me?) PS: I miss Helmet.

Cee-Lo featuring Pharrell – The Art of Noise

If this doesn’t make you groove, something is wrong with you. Always makes me smile.

…then again, when does it not?

Depeche Mode – Precious
I played this song to death when it came out, probably because it sounds so good in headphones, but got sick of it for years. It suddenly popped into my head the other day in the field — brain has decided it is acceptable again?

Necro Facility – Fall Apart
Due to an unrelenting internet “omgwtfbbqsogood!” campaign of the old skool club kids-side of my acquaintances, I finally gave this album a listen. After hearing this track in my car, I understood. I hate my friends. Just…bear with it through the first verse. And listen in headphones. ***I WILL NOT DEFEND IT..IT’S GOOD AND YOU LIKE IT. SHUT UP. *dances in circles*

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
I’m sure it started with the cover in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer, but this has been back in my head. Especially while weeding/listening to Necro Facility / thinking about Swedes / Game of Thrones.

Genesis – Land of Confusion
This popped into my head out of nowhere recently. Damn it’s a good song. (You’ve all seen the video if you’re over 28 – Ronald Reagan mask? – Here’s the live version… it’s great!)

Steve Perry – Oh Sherry
I am the only person on this farm that would be sorting “O’Henry” variety sweet potato slips and get this stuck in my head. I may be a child of the 80s. Maybe. (holy video, batman)

Therapy? – Turn

Work got rained out today, so I have zero excuse. I even had it written out for last night but then had to make some killer green beans and shallots for a sudden farmer potluck (I guess this is one of those things you get used to living in a farm community?). More on that awesomeness later.

New Order – Turn My Way
This CD sifted out of a pile of CDs crammed in a bag from my move back from LA. Someday I will have a (paisley)house and this stuff will stop happening. BUT! It was a great soundtrack for cruising around running errands this weekend.

Assemblage 23 – Light

I can only handle A23 in short bursts, but was recently reminded of the awesomeness of this track. Great for running. GOD I MISS RUNNING. Have to make that happen on Sunday. *note to self*

The National – Afraid of Everyone

I mean… I kind of am.

Click Click – Did You Get What I Want?
Someone said something very close to the title of this song last week and it immediately started playing in my head. I listened to the album again during a really loud thunderstorm earlier this week and had to chuckle at my high school goth-ness. Have always liked the horror movie soundtrack-quality of this CD.

Ani DiFranco – Going Once
Discovered this song in college and routinely forget about it for years at a time, only to become re-obsessed with it.

Nada Surf – Killians Red

I really shouldn’t be allowed to drink wine and listen to this. But it’s been happening more often than I’d like to admit.

May 18th Bonus:
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
RIP Ian. Both of you.

Dee-Lite – Good Beat
Mid 90s mix tapes, raves, drugs, big pants …now just good walking music. This song strongly reminds me of getting ready for Tracks, for some reason.

Abdullah Ibrahim & Toshio Matsuura – Did You Hear That Sound?
Heard this randomly on KCRW driving home one night when Aaron Byrd was filling in for Garth Trinidad and almost wrecked my car. Ok not really. But yes. So good.

P.O.S. – Living Slightly Larger
“I got the skills to pay the bills, and that’s about it.”

Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
Reminds me a lot of Sia. Just quirky enough to NOT be just another whiny singer/songwriter with her guitar. (Yes it was on a Twilight movie soundtrack. You’ll be ok.)

Alice In Chains – Don’t Follow
Yeeeeah… I skipped the insanely sad Layne Staley tribute video version of this song on YouTube. (Full disclosure: I liked AIC a lot more than Nirvana. Always have. I think it’s like a Stones / Beatles thing.)
(PS: Stones.)

Moby – Wait for Me
Feel like this track / album was severely overlooked. He got more press over a guy on acid ending up in his living room by accident. Seriously?

As you may know/have heard, I left advertising to go grow things. At the moment I’m between the two occupations, panicking getting my stuff in order and packing to move, and let me tell you…when you can make your own schedule, there is no schedule. Time is getting away from me like whoa.

Anyway, my run playlist was in desperate need of a tune-up last week, so a lot of this made it onto the ‘Pod.

Great Northern – Houses
How can you not love a band named for Twin Peaks?

The Veils – The Letter
Goddamn I love this band. I really don’t understand why they’re not huge indie darlings, but I guess it’s better that way? AMAZING live. Unfortunately live on the other side of the planet.

La Roux – Bulletproof
All I want to do when I hear this is bounce around on a dance floor. Or the gym floor. Or the living room. Or the parking lot.

Berlin – Like Flames
Great for sprints. Berlin f’ing rules. Still. And man do I love me some epic 80s videos involving canyons and flag carrying, etc.

The Apache Relay – Home is Not Places
I resemble this sentiment. Again, not available on the youtubez evidently, but the amazon page has it.

Sheryl Crow – My Favorite Mistake
Another seasonal favorite that I associate with spring/summer evenings. I really liked this odd, in-between era of hers.

Adele – Rolling in the Deep
She’s phenomenal, and the new album continues the tradition. Best for Last off 19 made routine appearances on the old Six.

Everything But the Girl – Lullaby of Clubland
Cannot believe this album has been out since ’99. Further, can’t believe how regularly I still listen to it.

Mary J. Blige – Real Love
Let’s just say the radio bestowed a plethora of 90s RnB on me last weekend. Was this video one of the main propagators of bike shorts and knee pads? Probably. (See also: No Diggity / every Janet Jackson video post-1989 / Aaliyah)

LL Cool J – Around the Way Girl
See above.

The Apache Relay – American Nomad
I can seem to only find crappy recordings of live shows of this, so you get an .mp3. My alt-country side is being dangerously encouraged by Garden & Gun and our intern who recently relocated from Nashville. Probably appropriate for my new vocation.

Contagion – Scratch

Who knows. It got stuck in my head after going out to THE GAWTHIX CLUB for the first time in a long time. And holy crap, they actually made a video for this? Seriously? See also: Turn of the Screw and Fight for your Tracks/Capitol Ballroom flashback pleasure.

Yep. It’s Tuesday again.

Pharoahe Monch (ft. Immortal Technique and Vernon Reid) – W.A.R.
Evidently this is too new for the youtubezz, but you can check out a sample at that link. Nothing groundbreaking from Pharoahe, but man, you can’t help but nod to it. I’ve always liked something about his cadence or.. something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. “What It Is” and “Bar Tap” off Desire have made multiple appearances on the previous incarnations of the Six.

Living Colour – Glamour Boys
Weirdly, no relation to the Vernon Reid cameo in the previous track. I *hated* this song when it came out, but for some reason it popped into my head after seeing a recent NPR video of Cory Glover doing a track off of Living Colour’s new album, and I…keep….listening to it. I remember the video for it being cringe-worthy, but don’t want to subject you all to all the Vevo crap wrapped around it.

Screen Vinyl Image – Fever / Lost in Repeat
Local favorites. Like old Cure and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness are sitting in a dark basement smoking hash with Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Pearl Jam – Porch / Why Go
Came across an interesting re-master with “remixes” and remembered why I like these tracks so much.

Thievery Corporation – Focus on Sight
Oooh actual video, complete with DC scenic-ness. Whenever it gets warm, the Thievery comes out.


Just because I like to keep you on your toes.

White Lies – From the Stars
Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this band. But it’s doing it for me right now. The guy’s voice is so impossible-sounding and weird…check out the live versions on youtube.

Dinah Washington – Come Rain or Come Shine
She seems to seep into my playlist every spring. Good wine drinking-while-cooking music, for starters.

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
There’s a lot of Aerosmith’s stuff that I can’t stand, but there’s 2-3 tracks that I love fiercely. Dream On being one, this being another. Makes me think of blowing down a deserted highway on a 90 degree night in a cowboy hat or something. (Which would be a nice change from the weather we’re having this week.)

Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
I hear your collective groaning out there — I know more than a few of you hate Eddie Vedder, but I’ve always been fond of him, even when I haven’t been fond of what Pearl Jam is up to (*cough* the last 15 years *cough*). I saw that Vedder was going on a one-man ukulele tour (seriously), which made me go and listen to his solo stuff, which led me to this.

Salem – Frost
I admit it, I’m down with witchhouse. These guys were great live… like standing around in a Twin Peaks episode. Throw your triangles in the air.

Guns N’ Roses – Patience
Have always loved this track. For some reason it’s been on the radio a lot lately.

Bonus 7:
LCD Soundsystem – New York I Love You
Yes, that’s the Kermit version. But it’s a great tune. Especially fun to belt out when you’ve had one glass too many. Lends itself to dramatic swaying and hand gestures.

Last week got away from me, but the six returns triumphantly!

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry
The Amirian brothers, friends of mine of the Crossfit persuasion, adopted Interpol’s title “pace is the trick” as one of their training mantras around the time Our Love to Admire came out. I always thought it was funny in a way, and always offered the need to Rest My Chemistry (“minus the whole cocaine part”) in retort. The exchange happened again recently via Facebook and prompted me to dig out the album. Haters gunn’ hate, but it reminds me of late, hazy nights driving home from Silverlake alone.

Doves – Sea Song

Dreary rainy days are always made better by this track. Also an on-repeat-while-working candidate.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Saturday Night
I almost prefer this cover to the original. Have no idea what made me think of it, but back in the playlist it went. (oh…and it was on the So I Married an Axe Murderer soundtrack, as you may guess from the video.)

INXS – What You Need

I think I heard a sliver of the chorus in a commercial or something last week and it implanted in my brain.

Concrete Blonde – Days and Days
“Like every heart to beat before
and every wave to kiss a shore
I’m not the first, I’m not the last…
and soon to be your past
But every morning when the light
comes creeping in around my eyes
another future falls behind
the one I had I mind”

The Knife – Marble House

I was thinking about a former co-worker with similar music taste, which led me to remember an exchange between her and an older, goofy and fatherly co-worker of ours when this track was playing in the office one afternoon (imagine this said in a heavy filipino accent): “WEEZA. What is this you’re playing? It sounds like…HALLOWEEN. What is it, Halloween?”

Without further ado:

Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On
A classic. Heard it in a hotel in New Mexico, of all places, driving out to move back to DC. Has stuck with me since.

Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song
A different kind of classic. Reminds me of crashing into the backseat of Jeri’s old Subaru in high school to escape to Dharma Coffeehouse, smoke 555s and attempt to do homework before the night devolved into mayhem (and how).

The Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water?
My respect for Jack White was greatly increased after seeing It Might Get Loud. This song has nothing to do with the doc, but I recommend it.

Chicane – Offshore

Work-thinking music. Always effectively drowns out frenetic office madness. There were spans of time at the Times where I’d just leave this on loop in my headphones for 2-3 hours at a time. Just some combination of great track and good college memories.

Absurd Minds – A Man Received the Answer
“they looked at the stars/and the entire, the entire universe/smiled back and said nothing”
Another oldie but goodie. And evidently they released a new album last May… *goes to listen*

Wednesday EDIT: YEaaaaaaah. I guess I made this a true drive-by by only posting FIVE tracks. This is what happens when you’re exhausted and try to write a post over a large glass of wine [insert sheepish face here].

Sixth track is Massive Attack feat. Tracey Thorn – Protection
Sorry about the vevo’d out video… ugh. Is it sad that this track makes me miss sweating and cursing and being upside down in my favorite yoga instructor’s class in LA? Shout out to Cody at Silverlake YAS, HA! (If you’re in the area go see him!)

I forgot the Tuesday Six. New-old habits die hard.

I admit a lot of this has been recycled, since I’m living under a rock and spending 90% of my income on paying off California debt. Oldies but Goodies are very much at the forefront of my life.

1) Tracey Thorn – Why Does the Wind? (Andre Lodermann Remix) (oh man, the PICTURE with this youtube clip is kind of fantastic, but it doesn’t have the lyrics, so here’s the “real” one.) – Initially heard this on KCRW (thank you, Garth Trinidad) and had to have it. If you liked electronic music in the mid-late 90s, I’m sure you’re aware of what Tracey Thorn misses like the deserts miss the rain. PS: damn I miss KCRW on my car radio.

2) Killing Joke – The Great Cull
I just realized KJ was on the list last week. Ah well. This is just kind of the narrative to my life and paranoia lately. Winky-smiley?

3) The Roots and John Legend – The Fire
It’s just great.

4) Wu-Tang Clan – Bells of War
Thought of a friend’s track of the same name. Went to find this track again. Etc. Etc.

5) 16 Volt – A Cloth like Gauze
See previous post about being 17. Though I saw them in Hollywood last year and… well… it was hilarious, in a fun yet, maybe things-shouldn’t-come-back-from-the-past, way.

6) CeCe Peniston – Keep on Walkin’ (oooh you get the actual video for this one!)
Also to be filed under “shouldn’t come back from the past.” Doesn’t mean I can’t visit!

During the winter of 2007, it started with this:

List six songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions along with your six songs…

I liked writing it, reading others’ lists, and the ensuing conversations so much that I wrote one weekly, every Tuesday, for a year or so. After a job transfer and its related upheaval, I abandoned it, but now… I’m bringing it back!

So without further ado, the Tuesday Six for 2/15/11. Won’t you post yours?

White Lies – Bigger Than Us
( and Holy Ghost …aaaand Turn the Bells. Ok the whole album.)
Completely enamored with this album. I’m very wary of mainstream radio playing the crap out of it and making them the 2010-11 answer to She Wants Revenge (what happened to them, anyway?)

Mumford & Sons – Thistle & Weeds
Have come back to this album after an intense initial crush (and subsequent cooling) last year. This track just stands out for its slight…creepiness.

Killing Joke – Depth Charge
Great for running sprints and thinking about how humanity is ruining itself. …I kid. (sort of.)

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam
Recently heard this on the radio, and suddenly it’s back in rotation.
Do you really need a link?

Covenant – Lightbringer (Speedrun remix)
Sucker for swedes in suits… when they’re making good music. SWEEEEEDISH STYLE! *throws bacon*

Amon Amarth – Guardians of Asgaard
(or as I like to call it, “Guardians of Ascot”)
Unapologetic viking metal. Literally. Kind of hilarious. Great for rampaging through small villages.

who? Photo © Dennis Sheridan

Seriously? Owls are notorious for eating heads? Chicken, chicken… chicken head…

Further, on that theme, Hungover Owls is a good time if you haven’t managed to come across it yet.

Also, completely unrelated: If you love jazz, or just need a thorough tutorial and intro to it, you should absolutely give some serious ear time to this stream. Perhaps while you peruse the hungover owls.


Over the weekend, I dug out the track “Wundervoll” by Wolfsheim from my iTunes while cruising the Ws for something unrelated.
(Listen here)

Man, I love Peter Heppner’s voice. It’s so…distinct.

Man, I love this track.

It pushes poppy and house-y to the last conceivable limit before reaching saccharine and overdone, perhaps saved by the fact that the lyrics are in German. It never fails to put me in a good mood, and there’s nothing like hitting every green light while driving through some urban landscape on a crisp fall day listening to it. The chorus (in English, translated by my residual college skillz—with a z) starts “Wondrous, wonderful, super beautiful and super great” for god’s sake. You can’t help but smile and bop your head.

I’m kind of amazed we haven’t seen a bunch of ferrets driving a new VW down a CGI street to this in a commercial yet, honestly. Can’t believe it’s been 6+ years since that album came out. It’s truly gotten better with age.

Also this weekend, Florence and the Machine at the Troubadour. Also “superschön and supertoll.”

Christian and I had gotten there early enough to nab two seats at the back of the bar before the opening band started. IO Echo was definitely entertaining, if not a little young. We agreed that the band reminded us of some strange cross between Janice Joplin, Björk and Florence and the Machine. Not nearly as off-putting of a mix as it sounds. I’d be interested in seeing if they turn into something pretty great with a little touring and age and experience.

Florence and The Machine didn’t disappoint — Florence can sing her ass off. This ain’t yo’ momma’s studio creation. They played almost the entirety of Lungs, with a distinctly more Stevie Nicksish feel live. Overall a damn good time. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

The Portland re-cap is coming—it’s a lot of stories and opinions and epiphanies to digest!. Soon, I swear.

Driving home tonight, Van Halen’s Right Now came on the radio. Having not heard it in a good 15+ years, I was flashbacked to the night the video world premiered on MTV during primetime, and my entire family (?!) gathered around to watch it. My brother also pieced together, while we all waited for it to come on, that For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, the name of the album, as an acronym spelled “fuck.” Sean’s always been quick like that. After it aired, we all decided all the text was very dramatic and new and cool. 

What a weird point in history. My entire family stopped what they were doing at 8 p.m. on say, a Tuesday, to watch a 3ish minute Van Halen video.

…The early 90s were weird.

MOLGI’ve been caught in a time warp this week, listening to Machines of Loving Grace – Concentration in traffic.

Something about this album always brings up memories of killing time in my room, waiting for some fellow hoodlum to pick me up, putting on too much eyeliner, lacing up boots, wondering why my boyfriend was such a jackass, scrounging around in my schoolbag for change for coffee, etc.

It’s funny, I can’t even imagine anymore what that version of myself felt like, yet somehow very little has changed. Now I kill time in my living room, and I drive there myself because I’m too impatient and independent to wait on someone else. There’s less eyeliner involved, and more often it’s flip flops instead of boots (it’s 75 degrees year round here, after all). And I’m old and wise enough now to know why the boyfriend was a jackass, and that I definitely won’t have any money for coffee until next week.

But other than that…it’s pretty much the same.