I wrapped up a no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, no grains, no bullshit “fast” yesterday, and am wading through the sugar/grain rampage hangover today (currently trying to soak up some of the poison with some freshly roasted sweet potatoes). While the indulgence last night was worth it and enjoyable, it didn’t taste nearly as good as I wanted it to. And I think that’s good.

Takeaways: The only stuff that tastes good anymore is the stuff that came out of the ground–not in a high and mighty self-righteous way…I’m pretty surprised at the change. When I did a similar month of this in 2009, but included fruit, it didn’t have quite the same effect on my taste buds. I’m happy to have wine and the occasional beer back in my life, but quality over quantity has definitely been underscored. I’m definitely preferring being fast and clear-of-head to convenience eating. I still would like a little heavy cream in my coffee here and there, and man, I am WAY excited for summer vegetable season.