“If 6 were 9, I’d lose my mind. Yeah I’d go crazy for ya all the time.” Oh, Chemlab. You DC kids, you. (Cheers to Jared, who’s looking a lot saner and healthier than many of his compatriots these days. Still batshit crazy though.)

I DIGRESS! Chemlab is not on the six!

Geoff Tate (Queensryche) – Chasing Blue Sky
Man, I’m confused. I have this song because it’s on a Geoff Tate solo album that I bought a few years ago in LA. Now the internet is trying to tell me it’s only on a Queensryche greatest hits album. …Internet cover-up conspiracy?! They’re playing the 930 tonight. Once again, I am missing it, as I have for 20 years. CURSES.

Placebo – Infra Red (Live from Nimes)
I really prefer this version. It sounds heavier and thicker than the album version.

NIN – Perfect Drug
I don’t remember particularly liking this when it came out, but it marks a particularly vivid part of my life, and has grown on me substantially in passing years. (Wow, this video is somehow very Harry Potter before there was Harry Potter. Huh, and I guess Trent finally got the asian girl he always wanted. Interesting.)

Killing Joke – European Super State
It just makes me laugh. Have a beer with me and The Outre Girl some night, and we’ll explain.

Wolfsheim – Kissing the Wall
This track makes me think of driving to Christmas dinner in the snow (?) and driving aimlessly around the VA Tech campus on winter nights looking for parking. Ha. OK I guess that doesn’t sound so great… but I it’s the “cold” memory associations that has me listening lately. Seeing these guys in the rain at night, standing on a hilltop in Germany…still one of my top 5 shows ever. I could listen to Peter Heppner sing the phonebook. I can’t describe it.

Peter sings me the phonebook. Part I.

The Folk Implosion – Natural One
I know nothing, zero about this band. I just like this track. Always have.