I hopped in one of the farm trucks the other day with a co-worker, and we took off for the far fields, bumping along the road by the compost and broken-down trucks while the beginning of Tool’s Schism played on the radio. After about 30 seconds of it, she grabbed for the dial saying, “well…that’s depressing.”

I mean, I get that. Sure, it sounds like dark, dirgey music. I can see how someone would prefer to always listen to upbeat, faster tempo music. It “sounds happier.” But I’ve never seen it that way.

As a kid learning piano, I was fascinated the first time I was introduced to a minuet in a minor key. To six year old me, yes–it sounded scary, but in this amazing, beautiful, powerful way. It wasn’t scary-movie music, it just sounded intense and real, instead of frivolous and springy. I’ve always felt that way. Heavy, booming basslines, minor keys, huge drums with tons of reverb…it doesn’t sound depressing, it sounds like energy. Like passion and drama and excitement. Sure, I love the Lightning Seeds – Pure, but Project Pitchfork – Conjure gives me goosebumps to this day.