Man these take me forever. Need to get the Spotify crankin’.
As you may have read, I’ve been revisiting a lot of “comfortable” music for playlists for the farmstand. The whole task is kind of cracking me up.

Appleseed Cast – Ceremony
This band and This Will Destroy You meld together in my head into one big discography of epic awesomeness. I’m PISSED I’ve still never seen either live, despite both having played the El Rey while I lived walking distance from it. BAH!

Black Flag – TV Party

It still makes me laugh that there’s a video for this track. Officially approved by me as music to sell vegetables to. I may have also on occasion left the mix that this is on on at the end of my shift to “musicbomb” the next worker. I can neither confirm nor deny.

Oasis – Morning Glory

This track pops in my head often as I weed. I do not remember that being the video… weird. Maybe there were two versions? PS: Man I have a weird love/hate relationship with Oasis. Stupid top 40 radio.

Team Sleep – Blvd Nights

The first time I listened to this album in entirety, I was driving through Agoura Hills, CA at sunset on the way to a party. Seriously epic.

Portishead – Glory Box

“Dummy” has been on my ‘stand playlist. Kind of an interesting back drop. Weird fact: someone wrote me a long love letter once while listening to this album, quoting this track. Kind of strange to think about now. Back when men remembered how to use pens and stamps. 😉

Adele – Best For Last
A recently heartbroken friend got me thinking about this track, and some seriously brutal nights it got me through. So good.