This Will Destroy You – Grandfather Clock

This is another track that I go through yearly cycles with. Reminds me of odd rainy days during LA winters.

Estelle – Magnificent
Love Estelle. This is a summer driving song.

Rocky Votolato – The Night’s Disguise
My eyes uncontrollably leak when he plays this, and Makers, live. And I am not that girl. Another driving-home-from-the-Troubadour-howling-at-the-top-of-my-lungs track.

Bad Brains – Hired Gun
A friend recently mentioned that i against i was his favorite album. I agree.

Apparat and Ellen Allien – Leave Me Alone
“Too many messages…. on my phone…. leave me alone.”

Death Cab for Cutie – Title and Registration
Well, I have a hard time listening to Rocky without thinking of this track/album.

Bonus: Necro Facility – Waiting For the Snow
Because I am. Oh… I am. This isn’t on youtube? This… baffles me.