So, the funny thing about farms, is that when you picture one, I’m sure you picture what I do: huge expanses of lush fields…. as far as the eye can see. You know…FLAT. Kansas.

Our farm is not flat. Basically, the shop area and barn sits in the middle, and it’s uphill out of the area, both ways. To the south, it’s over a bridge, around a corner and up a gentle slope through the deer fence to the compost fields and the BIG fields. To the north though, towards the greenhouse and farm stand, you go up one steep hill, down the other side, across a creek and then back up a seriously steep, graveled hill.

The gravel is just an illusion of traction.

When it’s bone dry, you still have to learn tactics about how to get the various F-150s the farm has up these hills. There’s speed strategy, and steering strategy, and acceleration timing. When it rains? You know, like today, this all goes to shit.

After climbing 3/4s of the north hill towards the greenhouse today I became irreparably stuck. I had already reversed almost all the way into the creek to try and get some traction on the gravel, to no avail. I had to be towed backwards by tractor, across the creek, back up the hill, back into the shop area. …I do not recommend this.

The lesson here kids, is this: When it’s raining? Take the damn golf cart.