I’ve been a little nostalgic lately. What of it?

Spahn Ranch – Locusts (THERE’S A VIDEO FOR LOCUSTS?! Er…. skip that. Yikes.) / Vortex (AGGGH PAPYRUS FONT!)
Nostalgia. Can we all go out to a club night soon please? *destroys a dark corner of the dance floor*

Black Angels – Black Grease
Love this track. Wish the band didn’t create such a hippie drum circle cluster-f live. Bleargh.

Skinny Puppy – Morter
The opening sample from this track popped into my head earlier this week. And obviously, the discussion of Necro Facility over the past month has caused a lot of Skinny Puppy/ OMGNOTSKINNYPUPPYDIEINAFIRE discussion to surface. *shrug* Good memories tied to this album.

Machines of Loving Grace – Golgotha Tenement Blues
DAMN, I miss Machines of Loving Grace. The internet did not get awesome enough fast enough to save them from oblivion. A sadder wikipedia has never been had. (ok not really) Arizona? Really?

Helmet – Milktoast

I may be listening to The Crow soundtrack. WHATOFIT. The release of The Crow colors my early adolescence (and the year I met many of you) heavily. This is where you are now either a) appalled at my youth b) appalled at my grotesque age. (Is no one else ever the same age as me?) PS: I miss Helmet.

Cee-Lo featuring Pharrell – The Art of Noise

If this doesn’t make you groove, something is wrong with you. Always makes me smile.