U2 – Drowning Man
I found a copy of U2 – War in the farmhouse that got left behind and decided it should replace my wrecked and over-loved copy…been listening to it a lot lately.

Sia – The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
Sia needs to make more music. Girrrrrrrl. *snaps*

Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson – Candy
Have always loved this song. It’s one of those tracks that kind of got lost in time, then the internet caught up and brought it back to me. Belting it out in the car is very satisfying.
(I remembered it being epic so I had to have the original beefcake Iggy Pop video. Sorry for the ad, but it’s worth it.)

Massive Attack – Pray for Rain
Even though I’m definitely not.

Beirut – In the Mausoleum

Saw these guys live at Amoeba a few years ago — sticks with me. Just the raw talent and mastery of multiple instruments among them kind of blows my mind.

Ben Folds – Free Coffee
This song always pops into my head when I’m broke. Speaking of insanely talented people.

Bonus: Index – Static Sky
This song, at this point in time, sounds so primitive it’s kind of hilarious. But hearing it gives me goosebumps simply because it’s suddenly 1996 and I’m driving down 50 or 66 on a muggy July night with the windows down, inevitably going to pick up So & So or a related hoodlum. 😉