Work got rained out today, so I have zero excuse. I even had it written out for last night but then had to make some killer green beans and shallots for a sudden farmer potluck (I guess this is one of those things you get used to living in a farm community?). More on that awesomeness later.

New Order – Turn My Way
This CD sifted out of a pile of CDs crammed in a bag from my move back from LA. Someday I will have a (paisley)house and this stuff will stop happening. BUT! It was a great soundtrack for cruising around running errands this weekend.

Assemblage 23 – Light

I can only handle A23 in short bursts, but was recently reminded of the awesomeness of this track. Great for running. GOD I MISS RUNNING. Have to make that happen on Sunday. *note to self*

The National – Afraid of Everyone

I mean… I kind of am.

Click Click – Did You Get What I Want?
Someone said something very close to the title of this song last week and it immediately started playing in my head. I listened to the album again during a really loud thunderstorm earlier this week and had to chuckle at my high school goth-ness. Have always liked the horror movie soundtrack-quality of this CD.

Ani DiFranco – Going Once
Discovered this song in college and routinely forget about it for years at a time, only to become re-obsessed with it.

Nada Surf – Killians Red

I really shouldn’t be allowed to drink wine and listen to this. But it’s been happening more often than I’d like to admit.

May 18th Bonus:
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
RIP Ian. Both of you.