Evidently Starz has not grasped the concept of the internet even for their cable subscribers, thus I cannot watch Camelot in entirety online, THUS…. you get some pictures! Hooray!

My new office (morning, day 1):

One of the tractors with the transplanter on the back, where I spent the entirety of Wednesday:

(Two people sit in the little chairs with the plants in front of them in racks, and as the tractor drives forward, it punches holes in the ground into which the people insert plants, etc.)

This is just your added bonus:

I have the entirety of the weekend off, which will be very rare. I took advantage of it by sleeping until *NINE* this morning (blasphemy!), making cinnamon rolls and coffee for breakfast, spending the entire day getting my room situated and fully unpacked (and vacuuming up the ever proliferating hay, grass and soil on the floor) and then making far, far too much dinner from the bountiful goodness that’s overtaking the counters in our kitchen.

I went grocery shopping this morning, which would normally be a non-event, but the only grocery store close to us is Giant in Purcellville. I’m already somewhat weirded-out by huge mega-shopping marts, but adding the fact that I now live fairly isolated on a farm brings a whole new dimension. Going there, I feel like a strange woodland beast that’s escaped into civilization–wandering in in my fleece with flecks of mud on it, a huge knife in my pocket, crazy unkempt hair and muddy boots. I darted around the store with my eyes kind of wide, collecting what would appear to be a very strange assortment of goods to the random passerby. I did not have a discount card.

But now I have cinnamon rolls and lemonade. *burp*