I have survived two days of work. Well, I’ve more than survived, I’ve enjoyed it and am getting my feet with the schedule, which is all I really wanted by this point. Also, it’s sunny and dry, which means hours, which means steady money. This is….very reassuring.

Over the past two days I’ve weeded asparagus, bumped around on the back of a truck, driven a golf cart up an incline not intended for golf carts, hoed spinach (I now understand what a hoe does. I evidently had it confused with a fork), got dragged behind a tractor in a little seat while frantically planting chard, cut potatoes to plant, spot-planted parsley, weeded mint and oregano, mulched tomatoes (“haaaay!”), hunted ticks and attempted to communicate in the worst spanglish ever. (“Das asparagus? Si? Muy gigante.”)

It’s nice to feel useful. It’s also nice to feel exhausted and cracked out at the end of the work day because I was actually physically doing something. It’s cool to understand why some farms are selling plants at market this time of year while others randomly have strawberries. It’s also very cool to have a 20 second commute to work, where I could show up with my head half-shaved in a flight suit reeking of poo and no one would really care as long as I was alert and ready to work.

I do hate wearing sunblock every day. Currently trying to solve that one. While I like my huge hat, having something wrapped around my noggin for 8 straight hours is annoying as crap. So high-test sunblock that doesn’t feel like a dirt-encrusted coating is my next mission.

Stacey and Casey, who are running the farm, have been amazing and funny and patient, which I’m continually thankful for. It’s rare to encounter people that seem to truly not mind explaining everything about what they do. Training is numbingly draining for the trainer. So cheers to them–I hope some of it rubs off on me. It’s an added bonus that they’re pretty hilarious.

Pics to come soon. I’ve had my hands literally full (or else you would’ve seen far more tweets this week like “HOEIN’! No…seriously. Literally.”), but I am trying to remember to document this summer a little bit, as unobtrusively to my workday as possible. Speaking of that, any particular bit of farmness you want to see photos of?

And yes, by late afternoon, after having my brain baked for an hour or so more than it should have been maybe, I do start talking to the weeds around the spinach in the (M.A. Fleury of the Pburgh Penguins) French Canadian Fleury-taunt voice, “OHhhhh it’s YOU again fuckface! Come over here you BAstaaaaard.” *hoe* Ovi has also made an appearance. *hacks off morning glory vine* “Sorry Penguin.”