Dee-Lite – Good Beat
Mid 90s mix tapes, raves, drugs, big pants …now just good walking music. This song strongly reminds me of getting ready for Tracks, for some reason.

Abdullah Ibrahim & Toshio Matsuura – Did You Hear That Sound?
Heard this randomly on KCRW driving home one night when Aaron Byrd was filling in for Garth Trinidad and almost wrecked my car. Ok not really. But yes. So good.

P.O.S. – Living Slightly Larger
“I got the skills to pay the bills, and that’s about it.”

Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
Reminds me a lot of Sia. Just quirky enough to NOT be just another whiny singer/songwriter with her guitar. (Yes it was on a Twilight movie soundtrack. You’ll be ok.)

Alice In Chains – Don’t Follow
Yeeeeah… I skipped the insanely sad Layne Staley tribute video version of this song on YouTube. (Full disclosure: I liked AIC a lot more than Nirvana. Always have. I think it’s like a Stones / Beatles thing.)
(PS: Stones.)

Moby – Wait for Me
Feel like this track / album was severely overlooked. He got more press over a guy on acid ending up in his living room by accident. Seriously?