Just because I like to keep you on your toes.

White Lies – From the Stars
Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this band. But it’s doing it for me right now. The guy’s voice is so impossible-sounding and weird…check out the live versions on youtube.

Dinah Washington – Come Rain or Come Shine
She seems to seep into my playlist every spring. Good wine drinking-while-cooking music, for starters.

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
There’s a lot of Aerosmith’s stuff that I can’t stand, but there’s 2-3 tracks that I love fiercely. Dream On being one, this being another. Makes me think of blowing down a deserted highway on a 90 degree night in a cowboy hat or something. (Which would be a nice change from the weather we’re having this week.)

Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
I hear your collective groaning out there — I know more than a few of you hate Eddie Vedder, but I’ve always been fond of him, even when I haven’t been fond of what Pearl Jam is up to (*cough* the last 15 years *cough*). I saw that Vedder was going on a one-man ukulele tour (seriously), which made me go and listen to his solo stuff, which led me to this.

Salem – Frost
I admit it, I’m down with witchhouse. These guys were great live… like standing around in a Twin Peaks episode. Throw your triangles in the air.

Guns N’ Roses – Patience
Have always loved this track. For some reason it’s been on the radio a lot lately.

Bonus 7:
LCD Soundsystem – New York I Love You
Yes, that’s the Kermit version. But it’s a great tune. Especially fun to belt out when you’ve had one glass too many. Lends itself to dramatic swaying and hand gestures.