Without further ado:

Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On
A classic. Heard it in a hotel in New Mexico, of all places, driving out to move back to DC. Has stuck with me since.

Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song
A different kind of classic. Reminds me of crashing into the backseat of Jeri’s old Subaru in high school to escape to Dharma Coffeehouse, smoke 555s and attempt to do homework before the night devolved into mayhem (and how).

The Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water?
My respect for Jack White was greatly increased after seeing It Might Get Loud. This song has nothing to do with the doc, but I recommend it.

Chicane – Offshore

Work-thinking music. Always effectively drowns out frenetic office madness. There were spans of time at the Times where I’d just leave this on loop in my headphones for 2-3 hours at a time. Just some combination of great track and good college memories.

Absurd Minds – A Man Received the Answer
“they looked at the stars/and the entire, the entire universe/smiled back and said nothing”
Another oldie but goodie. And evidently they released a new album last May… *goes to listen*

Wednesday EDIT: YEaaaaaaah. I guess I made this a true drive-by by only posting FIVE tracks. This is what happens when you’re exhausted and try to write a post over a large glass of wine [insert sheepish face here].

Sixth track is Massive Attack feat. Tracey Thorn – Protection
Sorry about the vevo’d out video… ugh. Is it sad that this track makes me miss sweating and cursing and being upside down in my favorite yoga instructor’s class in LA? Shout out to Cody at Silverlake YAS, HA! (If you’re in the area go see him!)