I forgot the Tuesday Six. New-old habits die hard.

I admit a lot of this has been recycled, since I’m living under a rock and spending 90% of my income on paying off California debt. Oldies but Goodies are very much at the forefront of my life.

1) Tracey Thorn – Why Does the Wind? (Andre Lodermann Remix) (oh man, the PICTURE with this youtube clip is kind of fantastic, but it doesn’t have the lyrics, so here’s the “real” one.) – Initially heard this on KCRW (thank you, Garth Trinidad) and had to have it. If you liked electronic music in the mid-late 90s, I’m sure you’re aware of what Tracey Thorn misses like the deserts miss the rain. PS: damn I miss KCRW on my car radio.

2) Killing Joke – The Great Cull
I just realized KJ was on the list last week. Ah well. This is just kind of the narrative to my life and paranoia lately. Winky-smiley?

3) The Roots and John Legend – The Fire
It’s just great.

4) Wu-Tang Clan – Bells of War
Thought of a friend’s track of the same name. Went to find this track again. Etc. Etc.

5) 16 Volt – A Cloth like Gauze
See previous post about being 17. Though I saw them in Hollywood last year and… well… it was hilarious, in a fun yet, maybe things-shouldn’t-come-back-from-the-past, way.

6) CeCe Peniston – Keep on Walkin’ (oooh you get the actual video for this one!)
Also to be filed under “shouldn’t come back from the past.” Doesn’t mean I can’t visit!