Since moving into a three-level house after living in one-level apartments for 10+ years, I’ve become acutely aware of a) how much it’s not my style (I evidently like my life very compact) and b) how much I rely on the TV to sonically fill space, especially when I’m home alone.

With the TV not on the main living level in my temporary abode, I’ve been “filling” the kitchen with either NPR or a jazz station, but watching (in envy) my brother’s experiments with a TV-less life, I’m wondering how much further I could take it.

For those that rarely or never have the TV on in the background at home, do you always listen to music? Radio? Dogs barking in the next yard over? I know a lot of people that just put on movies in the background when they’re at home. I….am not this person.

I do wonder if I’m suddenly drilling down on this topic because Fairfax is so damn quiet compared to LA. Maybe I just need to move closer to a freeway and I’m chasing a fly with a shotgun.