Doing an alumni talk at my high school tomorrow.
Key points:

  • learn to make $8 of food last 7 days
  • you will not be financially stable by 30 unless you can write serious code (it’s fine if you’re not and don’t but man, I would’ve liked to have known that shit.)
  • get a part-time server or barista job immediately to have in your back pocket when the revolution comes…you won’t be able to afford to be entry-level later
  • monsanto will kill us all–learn to farm
  • 99% of jobs will not reward time served. Corollary: companies don’t give a crap about your future…that’s on you
  • college is hard as shit, unfair and no reflection of how the world actually operates
  • your 20s are worse than your teens but at least there’s legal booze and your own place (make sure to get your own place)
  • don’t try and graduate in 4 years

…Uplifting? 😀