I’m glad I did the 10 year wrap-up last year. Phew.


1) Firsts this Year:

  • Being an age that starts with a ‘3’
  • Getting a hurricane for my birthday

2) Song for 2010
Whether I like it or not “G6” will always remind me of 2010.

3) Movie for 2010
I didn’t see any of the big blockbusters really, so… Machete. Machete don’t text.

4) Restaurant of the Year
Birch & Barley on 14th in DC.

5) Book of the Year
The Millennium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc)

6) TV Show of the Year
Tie between Rubicon / True Blood / Walking Dead / Sherlock

7) Best Decision of the Year
Leaving LA. It was time for something drastic.

8 ) Bad Idea That Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time
I can’t really think of any this year. Wow. That’s a first.

9) Best Relationship of 2010
Carrie/Matty/Chris – my DC support crew trifecta.

10) Most Memorable “WTF?” Moment of 2010
This is a tie between “You have to be out by noon, you’re being evacuated due to Hurricane Earl” and “You have three weeks to liquidate your apartment, leave your job and move to the east coast.”

11) Newcomer of the Year Award
Heavy Seas / Stillwater Ales / all the lovely east coast breweries.

12) Low Point of the Year
I think I hit true broken burnout around July / early August.

13) Biggest Change of the Year
Job / house / state / coast, you name it.

14) Plans/Goals for Next Year
Less work. More play. Namely physically.
Get my own place closer to the city, drop the stress/work weight, get back to training 5 days a week, get out from under Monsanto foods as much as possible, get up to Maine, get back in the black.

15) High Point of the Year
My 30th birthday party. It was all just chaos from there on out.

16) New Year’s Resolution(s)
As usual, no resolutions…nowhere to go but up.