So one of my and the BFF’s favorite pastimes since my return to the DC area is having her mother, Cindy, taste new beers we bring home to try. Cindy is, admittedly, not a big beer fan. We start by trying the brew in question ourselves, forming our opinions, then have Cindy try it and describe it for us. There’s serious talk about starting a blog based around this process, since it has proved so entertaining. It may also include my blossoming offshoot, “Beer or Metal Band?”

Past Cindy reviews have included gems like “this tastes like BIRD ASS” and “oh GOD. YARD CLIPPINGS.” “Cindy, do you eat a lot of yard clippings?” “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

This weekend we brought home Long Trail’s Hibernator. BFF, BFF’s boyfriend and I liked it a lot. Great medium-bodied flavor, soft tasty finish, uniquely light and bright taste for a brown ale without any sharp, hoppy bitterness. Beer Advocate gave it a B+. Cindy? “Oh god, it smells like dirt and GRASS.” “Just taste it.” *Cindy sips* “It tastes like uncooked BREAD.” “You mean yeast.” “YEAH like it hasn’t been in the oven long enough. GROSS.”

Well then. There you have it. Stay tuned for the next episode of Cindy Hates Beer.