As you may have guessed, if you’ve visited here more than 2-3 times, I moved. That move was prompted by taking a job where I no longer write an e-mail blast every morning (a blessing and a curse all in one), thus destroying the main source of subject matter for this lovely blog, you see. BUT! I’m settling in and things are starting to click along, so here’s hoping that the radio silence will be a little less frequent from here on out.

First off, dude it’s cold here. But that’s GOOD. It’s f’n 90 degrees in LA right now. No. Thank you. Sir. Reasons why I had to leave #…I dunno… top 5, definitely.

Some points of interest from my day so far:

  • Burnout is stupid. Quit it.
  • The redonkulousness of mainstream women’s fitness debunked.
  • Happy Halloween!

    jack o' lanterns