I pelt my boss with a lot of links every day. Namely because we share the same weird, dry sense of humor. Today I’ve decided to capture a snapshot of the links here.

The Name: On being Baxter

The comments on this blog post about construction of a meadow/park in Silver Lake are priceless:

“While is easy to be concerned with the anthropomorphic animals that you see while listening to the Decemberists on your 400gig ipod walking by on your way to vegan pilates on a path by a 40mph road, the bottom line is, it’d be better if they lived in Griffith Park”

A photo from Rachel.
bad juju

A spoof trailer for Oregon Trail (yes, that Oregon Trail.)

And finally, we both LOL’d about #1 and the painful lack of it in our department overall.
The Top 5 qualities of Productive Creatives.