Over the weekend, I dug out the track “Wundervoll” by Wolfsheim from my iTunes while cruising the Ws for something unrelated.
(Listen here)

Man, I love Peter Heppner’s voice. It’s so…distinct.

Man, I love this track.

It pushes poppy and house-y to the last conceivable limit before reaching saccharine and overdone, perhaps saved by the fact that the lyrics are in German. It never fails to put me in a good mood, and there’s nothing like hitting every green light while driving through some urban landscape on a crisp fall day listening to it. The chorus (in English, translated by my residual college skillz—with a z) starts “Wondrous, wonderful, super beautiful and super great” for god’s sake. You can’t help but smile and bop your head.

I’m kind of amazed we haven’t seen a bunch of ferrets driving a new VW down a CGI street to this in a commercial yet, honestly. Can’t believe it’s been 6+ years since that album came out. It’s truly gotten better with age.

Also this weekend, Florence and the Machine at the Troubadour. Also “superschön and supertoll.”

Christian and I had gotten there early enough to nab two seats at the back of the bar before the opening band started. IO Echo was definitely entertaining, if not a little young. We agreed that the band reminded us of some strange cross between Janice Joplin, Björk and Florence and the Machine. Not nearly as off-putting of a mix as it sounds. I’d be interested in seeing if they turn into something pretty great with a little touring and age and experience.

Florence and The Machine didn’t disappoint — Florence can sing her ass off. This ain’t yo’ momma’s studio creation. They played almost the entirety of Lungs, with a distinctly more Stevie Nicksish feel live. Overall a damn good time. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

The Portland re-cap is coming—it’s a lot of stories and opinions and epiphanies to digest!. Soon, I swear.