Observation of the day while walking to lunch:

Electrical engineering undergrad taught me that I can work hard enough and be disciplined enough to learn and do the seemingly impossible. It also taught me that no one gives a shit about how hard I worked. Really, they don’t. And that my suffering has no value. Most people just want everyone else to pay for their suffering by passing it on.

Crossfit and working for our Events team however, has taught me that discipline and hard work, even if it’s 99% unseen by anyone else, can be worth everything if what you’re doing is important to you. And that people that actually GET. SHIT. DONE. are incredibly rare.

I like being known as someone that Gets Shit Done. I’m glad to have earned that distinction. I hope to bestow it on a lot more people.

Be decisive. Stop passing the buck. Don’t slack. GET SHIT DONE.