bigskyPhoto courtesy of The Crazybull.

Wow. Sudden cool fall weather in LA has me dreaming. I’ve been without true fall weather for over four years now, and it’s definitely starting to wear on me. A late heat wave that lasted pretty much the entirety of September here prompted me to freak out and book a six-day vacation to Portland, OR after harassing everyone I knew endlessly to come with me to make the cost manageable. I succeeded, and have rented a nice house in the Hawthorne district for the week for our Autumn-ing and microbrew-tastinging and coffee-ing pleasure. I am beyond stoked.

It’s funny how I can become obsessed with cities. In junior high, it was Seattle. I’m sure that was purely because my 13 year-old or so brain decided that life there as an adult must be close to the movie Singles and daily life was sountracked to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden albums. I still love that movie, but there’s no way I could hold down a full time job and go out enough to enjoy that much indie music and beer. Adult brain knows better. I think I could make a good home in Seattle still (I once told a friend it’s like all the best parts of the LA music scene without the obnoxious movie industry hollywood bullshit), but it doesn’t weigh on my thoughts anymore. Though, drinking a 9% oatmeal stout for breakfast in a tavern there while it snowed outside is still one of my fondest memories. So good! So NOT Los Angeles. Another plus: lots of attractive 30 year old men in worn jeans, with good hair and clean flannels. This did not go unnoticed, state of Washington.

I’ve gone through several San Francisco phases. One in elementary school (after my dad told me what the weather was like, and I couldn’t fathom why the crap we were still living in Virginia. I thought dads were supposed to be smart?!), one in high school, and then the big one after visiting twice in college. …at that point the dot com bubble burst and I witnessed the fallout’s effects on my friends there. Not pretty. I even went through a mini-phase last February when putting together a back-up plan the day before major layoffs swept my department. I was not laid off. The plan went moot, and my thoughts drifted back to life at hand.

Austin, Texas has even wandered through a few times.

Portland weighs on me lately. The flames have been further fanned by my sudden resurgent interest in quality coffee. I suppose it spawned from the fact that I now drink my coffee black after experimenting with a month of sugar and dairy-free eating (and the wonderful effects thereof), but the more I read about the amazing artisan coffee bars in that town the more I want to go to there. I guess I won’t deny my trip has evolved from an on-a- whim vacation in AutumnLand to a fact-finding and scouting mission, but we also all know that, well, everyone under 35 generally thinks about living in PDX at some point. Especially those of us that like coffee. But, Wieden + Kennedy are also headquatered there and did I mention I have a degree in Advertising? I may have to swing by the building and be bright-eyed and overzealous and annoying for a little bit, just to see what’s going on there.

Like I said, fall weather has me dreaming.