Part of my day job is issuing a report every morning, sent out with a loosely related media link of the day (and my oh-so-witty/snarky commentary). Ok, it’s usually completely unelated, but from here on out, I’m attempting to publish my morning spiel sans report here as well…but first, some favorites from the past.

April 13:
4th graders agree that it’s all about peace, bailouts and understanding

April 30:
When life hands you a pandemic, make…..faces?

May 4:
Feeling like your verbose digital expression is being restricted by the Man? Blame Friedhelm Hillebrand.

May 20:
Feeling molested by all the Spanglish lately? Hector Tobar feels you, mang.

May 28:
Is it arrogance or ROI? Is a senior VP at Apple really busier than P Diddy?

June 1:
Would you like some art with that coffee?

More to come.