I’ve been asked a lot lately what I want to ideally do for work. The question usually comes in response to my huffy response to articles that make it sound easy as pie to get a job you love. My retort: sure, if my rent and bills were paid, I could easily go work many jobs I’d love. That’s not the challenge. The challenge is getting the job you love to love you back.

So if money were no object? I told my friend a few weeks ago that I want to work as a freelance floral designer that works out of her house that also gets paid to blog about music, crossfit, dogs, philanthropy and public media. That gets paid to explore and then share her findings with the world. I want to brighten people’s days, make them laugh, choose my hours, and nerd out. I want to be of service. I want to work on big things and have time to not have to neglect the small things. Dude, I want to write. Without boundaries or self-doubt.

Or, if I could get paid 60k to work as a coffee roaster/barista, that would solve the problem as well. Public service, good beverages, manual labor, time to write/blog, something to show at the end of the day…(they tend to have shifting, flexible schedules as well!) Pipe dream.

I’ve found the answer is simple. The implementation…gets harder and harder.

I have all this passion and knowledge and experience and insight, but just….can’t….quite…make it work. So I’ll keep working. Always looking.