I’m a fan and regular reader of Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. She has what she calls her Secrets of Adulthood—things she’s learned along the way that have proven to be true for her. Inspired by her truths, I decided to write a few of my own, since I’m always a fan of making lists and general navel-gazing. If I had to establish one law for life, just one, it’d be
Shut Up and Do it. Beyond that, I suppose I can elaborate a little.

Colleen’s Secrets to Adulthood and/or My Letter to My 18 Year-Old Self

Plenty of sleep and a cup of coffee go a long way toward a good day.

Auto-pay your bills whenever given the option. Figure the rest out from there.

Manning up and spending time on the weekend to do laundry, grocery shop and clean up the house is worth it. Namely, when you get home on a Tuesday night at 9 p.m. and actually have food in the house for dinner and clean clothes to sleep in.

Fresh flowers make a space much better.

Strive to be a good person, not just a person going through the motions of what you perceive a good person to be. There’s a huge difference.

Stop talking about wanting to do something (no one wants to hear it, really) and start working on doing it.

Love is not enough. But integrity might be.

Eating well 98% of the time will completely change your life.

If you can’t bring comfortable back-up shoes, do not wear the pointy uncomfortable ones.

You have to work daily on happiness. Much like luck, it doesn’t just come to you.

You’re not missing out. Do what you need to do.

Never travel with more luggage than you can carry by yourself.

The best way to shake off someone being nasty to you is to make someone else’s day.

Thank you notes are never overkill. Always have stamps, stationary and addresses.

Someone who wants to date you will make the time to see you. Period.

If the rent is too cheap to be true, you’re right.

Philanthropy and volunteerism aren’t just for kids trying to get into elite colleges and hippies. Give back.

Spelling matters, and people really do judge you on it. Even after you tell them you’re a horrible speller.

Having a ton of friends is not nearly as great as having one long-time best friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

Vegetables are awesome. Do whatever is necessary to find ones you like to eat routinely.

You can tell how serious you are about a goal by how willing you are to admit it out loud to someone.

Finding physics really interesting doesn’t mean you should be a physicist.

Life changes in an instant. Be full of gratitude as much as possible.