I suppose that should be a photo of my new chair. Close enough.

I like to think that it took me so long to start a “real” blog because of a $12 IKEA chair. I bought it two years ago because, well, it was $12, but also because I thought the fact that it was immobile and hard plastic would keep me from wasting hours in front of my computer. That worked out pretty well, but it wasn’t exactly conducive to creativity.

This weekend I bought a nice, swivel-y, roll-y, proper office chair that is now adjusted to a comfortable height for my funky art deco desk. It was if someone turned on the lights in my office space and now I feel like I can finally do this thing. No silly facebook “notes”, no Myspace “posts”, no “friends list”,  just me. freewheeling outside of social networking and livejournal navelgazing.

I’m looking forward to it.